Bridal Shower Ideas

The next time you give a shower take it out of the miscellaneous class and make it something special.

Choose a theme and carry it through in the decorations and refreshments.

Find out the bride's favorite color or color schemes and her needs.

Be ready to clue the guests in selecting a gift that fits the theme.

Kitchen Bridal Shower

Every bride welcomes a shower of kitchen gadgets and supplies. Don't forget a spoon holder for the stove, hot pads, wastebaskets, can opener, souring pads. Just for fun, you might ask a guest to bring a pound of anything. Such as flour, sugar, canned vegetables, coffee, crackers.

Bathroom Bridal Shower

Items for the bathroom! Use pastel flowers and soaps for the centerpiece. Use terrycloth for a tablecloth, and hand towels for the napkins. Gifts may be wrapped in bath towels and trimmed with bath puffs. Bath oil beads, bathroom scale, personal toiletries.

Bride and Broom Shower

With a choice collection of cleaning brooms and equipment, the bride won't be a Cinderella. Besides brooms she'll need a sponge mop, sponges, a plastic pail, dust cloths, soap, detergents, floor waxes, and other cleaning things.

Make-It-Paper Bridal Shower

This shower has unlimited possibilities. Gifts could include anything from paper towels, a cookbook, to an etching or print. Or guests might turn up with gift certificates for a newspaper or magazine subscription. Stationary, napkins, place mats, and even a bridal book.

For entertainment pass out sheets of newspaper, pins, and scissors and ask guests to design a wedding dress, pinning it to the bride as they go!

Choose from a wealth of colorful paper items for decorations. And serve refreshments on paper plates and paper cups. Use paper napkins and a paper tablecloth too for a fast cleanup!

Barbecue Bridal Shower

Order a bright sunny day from the weatherman and rustle up a barbeque for the bride and her friends. (Be sure everyone knows it's a casual party) Presents? Barbecue and picnic accessories, of course. Guests may want to pool resources and get one big item like a grill, or each guest can bring a separate item.

Suggestions: Hot pad mitts, barbeque utensils (long handled fork, spoon, turner, tongs), charcoal, fire starter, grill cleanser, long matches. Other possibilities: Paper plates, skewers, a long handled frying pan, a barbecue cookbook, a picnic basket, an ice bucket or chest, And don't forget a bottle of mosquito repellent to use now or later!

Bon Voyage Shower

The bride will appreciate your thoughtfulness everyday if you will shower her with the travel necessities for her honeymoon. Here's some suggestions: Luggage, wet wipes, toiletries, film, foldup plastic hangers, personal favorite items, travel size hair dryer, etc.

If they are traveling abroad, guide books, travel maps, currency converter, a passport case, dollar bills. Do keep the gifts lightweight if they are going to fly.

Let There Be Light Bridal Shower

She won't have to put light bulbs on her shopping list for many a day after this party. She'll also love the hoard of decorative candles and festive tapers. Other delightful gifts are night lights, flashlights, Christmas tree lights, patio torch lights, long fireside matches, and energy saving bulbs!

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