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My Pregnancy Tips and Ideas by Jenilee

These pages are my personal experience with my first pregnancy. I will tell you how I found out I was pregnant, and give you some tips and suggestions to help you determine if you are pregnant too, which may help you through your pregnancy. The pages are listed in categories such as "How to tell your parents," and " some of the signs and symptoms I had, to discover I was pregnant. If you are wondering if you are pregnant or not these ideas may be of great help to you. Below that is a link to all the research me and my mom had to do to have a Baby Shower Party. That may be of interest to you too.

How to Tell Your Parents

My parents are separated so I had to tell them separately, so I told my mom first. How I did it it was my moms birthday and I decided to take my mom out to lunch and at the time I wasn't sure I was pregnant but had a gut feeling. So we sat down for lunch at this cute little diner down the street from our house ... How to Tell Your Parents

Signs of Pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy is when you experience most the signs or symptoms of pregnancy. I experienced a loss of appetite. I couldn't eat anything real greasy. I was on a salad and pasta diet, what I could eat of it. I didn't really experience morning sickness it was more like evening sickness which is okay, because you can experience morning sickness at anytime during the day. But even my evening sickness wasn't that severe. Read my Signs of Pregnancy

Baby Shower Party Ideas

Well, since I found out I was pregnant, I began to think about having a baby shower. Was it easy? No, I had to learn from scratch. I have been to maybe one in my life. Now, since I now have a grand opportunity to organize such a special event. These are some ideas and suggestions me and my mom researched for my Baby Shower. Maybe they will help you organize and plan your baby shower. Read Baby Shower Party Ideas