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How I told my Parents I'm Pregnant -

How I Told My Mom

My parents are separated so I had to tell them separately, so I told my mom first. How I did it it was, on my mom's birthday and I decided to take my mom out to lunch. At the time I wasn't sure I was pregnant but had a gut feeling. So we sat down for lunch at this cute little diner down the street from our house, and I asked her, what she would do if I told her I was pregnant. She responded with, "What makes you think about pregnancy?" So I told her about how I was feeling, and how I had a loss of appetite. She then told me, "Why don't you take a pregnancy test?" So I said okay.

After lunch I took a trip to my local Planned Parenthood and waited for the test results. Sure enough it was "positive" so as I walked to my car I picked up my cell phone, called my mom and told her the news. What a good birthday present I said to my mom, and she laughed and said, "Yeah."

How I Told My Dad

Now my dad is a different story, we live in different states so I had to tell him over the phone, so maybe that was for the best. When I found out about my pregnancy, I didn't know how I was gonna tell him, so I didn't tell him immediately. I waited a couple weeks, and I talked to a few people at work on how I should tell him. One person told me, (who's a dad himself) that I should just tell my dad about the pregnancy because no matter how I go about telling him, "He's gonna react, how he wants to react," and that there's gonna be nothing I could do to change that.

So, I took his advice and decided to make the phone call to my dad. When I called him and he asked me how I was doing, I told him I was doing okay then I finally stated, "Dad I have something to tell you and he replied "Your Pregnant." I said well how did you know? Who told you? He said, "No one did." He said I just figured that for someone at your age (18), there's only two things you could tell me 1) you're pregnant, or 2) you're getting married, so I just decided to guess your pregnant first.

Not everyone has parents like mine so, here's some other suggestions

1) Tell your parents you have something you would like to talk about, and you sit down at one end of the table, and have your parents sit at the other end of the table, and make sure the front door is unlocked just in case you have to run.

2) If you cant tell them verbally, it never hurts to write them a note and leave it for them somewhere they could absorb the shock of what you have to tell them before they come to confront you.

3) Leave the box to the pregnancy test somewhere your mom could find it, that way she would come to you for the info instead of you having to go to her.

4) If you cook make a special dinner for your parents, and then break the news to them after dinner at the table while they are full and happy.

5) If you just have to tell your mom you could clean the house before she gets home from work. Then when she's in the house and relaxing from the day she has had, then approach her and tell her that you need to talk.

Just remember that no matter how you tell your parents its not the end of the world, you will make it through it. Good Luck!

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