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My Signs of Pregnancy - by Jenilee

In the first trimester of pregnancy , (which is the first through the the third month of pregnancy), is when you experience most the signs or symptoms of pregnancy. I experienced a loss of appetite. I couldn't eat anything real greasy. I was on a salad and pasta diet, what I could eat of it. I didn't really experience morning sickness it was more like evening sickness which is okay, because you can experience morning sickness at anytime during the day. But even my evening sickness wasn't that severe. Lucky for me.

People say it's because I'm having a girl, but that's not always true, it all depends on your body. All through my pregnancy, I've experienced heartburn which is not very fun, especially when none of the antacids you buy don't really work for you. My nails started to grow faster and stronger which I never had nails before. I became real emotional and moody about almost anything, mainly, when I didn't get my way. The main thing that caught my attention was that I was putting on weight, and my jeans started to get tight around the waist which was odd for me because I wasn't eating the way I use to.

In the second trimester of pregnancy , (which is the fourth month through the six month of pregnancy) is where you really catch a break from the whole pregnancy. Most, if not all, of the symptoms of pregnancy go away, and you catch a new burst of energy. I didn't really experience anything in the second trimester except heartburn. I also began to get my appetite back and it was the most comfortable trimester through the whole pregnancy. Also at the end of the fifth month you can learn the sex of the baby if you desire to know.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, (which is the seventh through the ninth month of pregnancy) is where you start to get bored of being pregnant, and you begin the "countdown to your due date." I experienced fatigue, and slight morning sickness when I ate something the baby didn't agree with, or just became nauseous. I started to have back pain because the baby started to grow so big and in the last six weeks of pregnancy, I began to lose sleep because it was my body preparing for the baby. The last two weeks of my pregnancy my ankles began to swell but not too bad, and I had an increased appetite because I was eating for two.

You Could Be Pregnant If:

1) You get morning sickness or nausea

2) You have a loss of appetite

3) You had a missed period

4) You have a hard abdomen

5) You become real emotional or moody

6) Your jeans start to fit a little tight

7) Your nails start to grow fast and strong

8) Your breasts get tender and your nipples begin to turn a darker color of brown or red

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