Reception Food Ideas

Make at home party or reception food, is generally the most affordable way to go, if you have the time.

There are many prepared foods nowadays that all you have to do is heat and serve.

Places like Coscos or JB's etc. are very popular for buying items in bulk.

Even with the holidays coming up you may be thinking of having a party for friends and relatives.

Below are some sample ideas for what you can serve at your party or reception. Most can be prepared in a reception kitchen. The breakfast buffet would need voluteers to whip up the eggs and biscuits.

Simple Hors d'Oeuvres Menu

Meatballs on frilly picks
Fruit kabobs on skewers
Frozen pizza squares
Egg Rolls
Olives, pickles, mints, nuts
Coffee, tea, Champagne punch

Simple Breakfast Buffet for a Morning Wedding

Scrambled eggs with bits of ham
Cinnamon rolls
Fried potatoes or Potatoes O'Brien
Baked Apples
Coffee, tea, orange juice and champagne punch
Paper products

Sample Luncheon Buffet Menu for a Midmorning Wedding

Rolled up or pinwheel sandwiches, or baby quiche
Fruit Salad
Potato Salad
Mixed Bean Salad
Pickled Beet Salad
Olives, pickles, nuts and mints
Coffee, tea, wedding punch
Paper products

Sample Dinner Buffet for a Early Evening Wedding

Baked half breasts of chicken
Parsley potatoes
Fruit salad compote cups
Tomato slices
Butter chips
Olives, pickles, nuts and mints
Coffee, tea, wedding punch
Paper products

So what else will you need to pull off a buffet at a reception? You'll need:

1. Access to a reception kitchen
2. Someone in charge to supervise and make sure the trays are kept filled at the buffet table. As soon as one looks picked over, it needs to be replaced.
3. Two or three volunteers to refill the empty trays in the kitchen. One of the volunteers needs to be a kitchen magician, that can make the trays of food look tantalizing. The other helpers can make sure everyone that is seated has enough water, tea, coffee etc.
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