Sample Reception Menus

One thing to keep in mind after you set the date and location of the wedding is the "time" of the wedding.

The time of the wedding will determine what types of food will be served at your reception.

For instance these are traditional recommendations:

A Morning Wedding which is before 11am, would have a Continental Breakfast or breakfast buffet.

A Midday Wedding, is between 11am and 1pm, and would have a luncheon buffet.

An Afternoon Wedding, between 1pm and 4pm would have Hors d'oeuvres or cake and punch only.

An Early Evening Wedding between 4pm to 7pm would have a dinner buffet.

Evening Weddings, after 7pm, would also have an Hors d'oeuvres or cake and punch only.

So, you can see that an Afternoon Wedding or and Evening Wedding would be the most economical when it comes to serving food. Here's some menus that caterers recommend.

Hors d'oeuvres Buffet Menu

Minature meatballs on frilly picks
Egg Rolls
Vegetable trays with dip
Fresh fruit on frilly picks
Coffee, tea, and punch

Cold Luncheon Buffet Menu

Trays of thinnly sliced meats and cheeses
Relish tray with cherry tomatoes, pickles etc.
Pasta Salads
Assorted rolls
Carrot raison salad
Fresh fruit salad
Cucumber Salad
Coffee, tea, and punch

Several times we have gone to receptions where the guests bring a covered dish, these weddings, of course were informal.The bride and groom supplied the papery, and coffee, tea and punch, mints and nuts.

You could have a caterer supply the main dishes for a dinner buffet, and have relatives bring the side dishes. When relatives or friends ask if there is something they can do, have a list prepared of side dishes, breads or fruits they can bring, and write there name in next to the food item.
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