Wedding Reception Buffets

When your wedding reception guests enter the reception hall and see the buffet table you want to hear "Ohhhhs, and Ahhhhs!"

The appearance of your buffet is just as important as how good the food tastes.

So here's what you need to do.

1. You need to go for the "eye appeal." Colorful foods, fill inbetween the dishes colorful flowers, greenery, ribbons, streamers, or pyramids of fresh fruits and candles.

2. Have a special centerpiece ready. Ice sculpture, water fountain, fresh flowers, a heart, candlebra, etc.

3. Mirror every dish. In other words, have two dishes of the same food, one at each end of the table.

4. Elevate the food. Don't put dishes of food all flat on the table. Use books to elevate the food under the tablecloth or napkins. Make a staircase of books for example.

5. Garnish the food trays. You don't need to spend hours making wedding bells out of radishes but you must add something. Try these ideas.

Frame each dish with a lettuce leaf
Add parsley
Add huge fresh strawberries
Add melon slices, especially watermelon if possible
Add fresh pinapple chunks
Add fresh flowers.

Sample setup on an eight foot table

Plates, forks, and napkins are laid out nicely on the left front corner.
Next to it, a Fruit Kabob display
Center goes the finger sandwiches
Then another fruit kabob display
Then on the right of the table, goes the punch bowl and cups.
Next to the centerpiece, on each side, put a candlebra
On the right, behind the candlebra, put the pickles and olives etc.
On the left behind the other candelbra, put 2 trays of cheeses and vegetables

See how the buffet table was setup at my sister's wedding. Buffet Table Setup

Also read this page for some buffet table setup suggestions

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