Sample Checklist One to Two Month

One to Two Months Before the Wedding

1. Arrange final fittings of all wedding attire.

2. Determine accessorizing details such as shoes, jewelry, and gloves.

3. Make necessary appointments for bridal portrait, hair (schedule a trip first), nails, and makeup.

4. Address and mail invitations. (Guests should receive invitations four weeks prior to wedding eight weeks in advance is appropriate for a holiday wedding Include maps and hotel information. Make sure you've used the correct amount of postage.)

5. Track the responses and begin to coordinate seating arrangements.

6. Address announcements.

7. Buy gifts for groom, parents, attendants, and other special helpers.

8. Obtain marriage license and make necessary doctor appointments.

9. Record gifts received and thanks sent.

10. Schedule attire pickup.

11. Break in wedding shoes and practice bustling gown.

12. Determine weddingday dressing arrangements.

13. Send wedding announcements to newspapers, including photos.
(Call the society editor for specific requirements and deadlines.)

14. Send rehearsal dinner invitations.

15. Send bridesmaids' luncheon and bachelor dinner invitations.

16. Finalize weddingday agenda. (Determine the appropriate order of events including photographs, receiving line, toasts, and the serving of food, drinks, and cake.)

17. Remind family and bridal party members of assigned wedding duties.

18. Arrange transportation to and from the airport for out-of-town guests.

19. Attend showers and send appropriate thanks. Bring hostess gifts.

20. Investigate moving arrangements for transfer to new home.

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