What Does the Best Man Do?
Traditional Wedding Etiquette


If you have been asked by the groom to be the Best Man for his wedding, you may be wondering what does this consist of. What are your duties as a Best Man?

The Best Man has many responsibilities! Not only does the Best Man support and keep the groom from getting stressed out, but he is also responsible for these duties as well.

1. He makes all the brides and grooms travel arrangements.
2. He supervises the ushers.
3. Serves as an official witness to the vows.
4. Safeguards the rings.
5. Safeguards the Marriage License.
6. Pays the clergyman's fee.
7. Proposes a toast at the bridal table.
8. Makes sure the wedding party lines up properly for the parade through town.
9. Returns all the rented tuxedos.


The Groomsmen also have important jobs. Their first and foremost, is to make an impression on the guests as they arrive, and introduce the guests to each other.

1. They seat the guests as they arrive, and make sure they are seated on the right side of the church.
a. Friends of the brides and family on the left.
b. Friends of the groom and family on the right.

2. Immediately before the ceremony, two of the groomsmen seat the grooms mother, and then the brides mother.

3. After the ceremony, they escort them out.

4. They make arrangements for the transportation of the bridesmaids to the wedding.

Friends or relatives that are asked to become Groomsmen, should expect to pay for their own tuxedo rental. If tuxedos are not affordable for them, just have the groomsmen wear dark suits. However if they where dark suits, the groom must also wear a dark suit, otherwise it will look tacky.

Sometimes also the groom can pay for a tuxedo that is not affordable to one of his groomsmen. That would be common courtesy. Tuxedos can be rented up to six months in advance at shops.
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