What Does the Maid of Honor Do?

If you have been asked by the bride to be the Maid of Honor for her wedding, you may be wondering what does this consist of?

What are your responsibilities as a Maid of Honor?.

The "Maid of Honor" is whom the bride turns to for help.

The Maid of Honor is usually already close with the bride, such as her best friend, sister, or even a close relative or cousin could be a Maid of Honor.

They will spending alot of time together planning and laughing.

Here is some of the Maid of Honor's responsibilities.

The Maid of Honor's Responsibility

Bride, Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids1. She helps to address the wedding invitations.
2. She records who sends the gifts. (Some guests will send theirs early.)
3. The Maid of Honor distributes the corsages and bouteneirres at the wedding
4. Helps dress the Bride and Bridesmaids.
5. Holds the brides bouquet and the grooms ring at the wedding ceremony.
6. Serves as an official witness to the vows.
7. Arranges the brides "train" during the ceremony.
8. Helps the bride change to her "going away" outfit.
9. Collects the brides attire for "safekeeping."

The Wedding Bridesmaid's List

The Bridesmaids should be available to help the bride at anytime before the wedding.

1. They help make the wedding favors.

2. The bridesmaids run errands for the bride, or the brides mother during the week before the wedding.

3. They have no additional duties on the wedding day, except to look beautiful and add to the wedding festivities.

Friends or relatives that are asked to become Bridesmaids, should expect to pay for their own dress or gown. The dresses or gowns must be similar in style and color. Normally the mother of the bride will ask for measurements, if the dresses are to be made.
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