Wedding Budget Ideas and Tips

Here's some ideas on how to cut costs for your wedding.

1. Cut back your guest list

2. Shortening the length of your celebration.

3. Hold your ceremony and reception in the same facility.

4. Scheduling an early or late start time to your reception to avoid the need to serve an elaborate sit-down dinner.

Budget Wedding Ideas5. Sharing the costs with someone using the same facilities, such as, brides getting married on the same day in the same church have been known to share floral expenses. One bride shared the expense of renting tables and chairs for her wedding reception by splitting the bill with a lady hosting an anniversary party in the same facility the night before.

6. Hold your wedding off-season when bookings are light.

7. Travel off-season to your honeymoon destination when fares are lower.

8. Use flowers for your decoration that are in-season or free-for-the-picking such as cattails and wildflowers.

9. Serve food items at your reception that are in-season and easy to prepare, or limit the variety.

10. Rent a facility that allows you to bring in your own alcohol. Keep in mind these facilities might have hidden costs if you have to import everything from the big stuff like tables, chairs, etc.

11. Have food and drinks served in rounds at preestablished times. A simple wine and beer reception is another alternative.

12. Use credit cards for major purchases. Depending on your situation you may not only rack up frequent flyer miles, but also have recourse if a vendor's promises fall through.

13. Ask for discounts, especially when you are buying items in bulk.

14. Keep organized, save receipts, and copy contracts.

15. Investigate any family wedding heirlooms that may exist. Begin your search with old photographs. By utilizing these items in your ceremony you will not only spare expense you'll gain nostalgia.

16. Transform a white or ivory bridesmaid dress into a wedding gown with simple embellishments.

17. Use the bridesmaids' bouquets to form one centerpiece at the reception.

18. Incorporate a fake tier into the wedding cake.

19. Make your own ceremony program on a home computer.

20. Ask your friends to make the favors.

21. Make your own announcements and invitations.

You will find that you can chip away at almost anything by doing some comparison shopping.

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