Who Pays for the Wedding?

Why does tradition call for the bride's family to foot the majority of the bill?

We can only guess this custom has direct relation to the "dowry."

It's is also traditional for the bride to have a cedar chest full of goodies all stored up for her new home, but the cedar chest tradition has turned into a spot for memories of her youth instead.

Guidelines have become less rigid today over the fact that many brides and grooms are picking up the tab for their entire wedding.

Who pays for what at a wedding?The traditional way of dividing the expenses is as follows.

The bride and her family pays for:

1. All print materials and postage.
2. All rental fees including facilities and equipment.
3. Bride's attire, accessories, and trousseau.
4. Groom's ring.
5. Decorations including floral arrangements for ceremony and reception
6. Bridesmaids' bouquets, groom's boutonniere, and corsages for special people
7. Wedding accessories including unity candle, guest book, wedding favors, flower girl basket, and ring pillow.
8. Fee for musicians and organist at ceremony.
9. Transportation for bridal party to ceremony and reception.
10. Tab for reception expenses including: catering, food, cake, beverages, liquor, entertainment, security, guest parking, and gratuities.
11. Wedding and engagement photographs.
12. Wedding video.
13. Gifts for bridesmaids and groom.
14. Lodging for bride's out-of-town attendants.
15. Bridesmaids' luncheon

The groom and his family pay for :

1. Blood tests and marriage license.
2. Officiant's fee.
3. Honeymoon.
4. Bride's rings.
5. Groom's wedding attire.
6. Gloves and ties for groom's attendants~
7. Gifts for groomsmen, ushers, and bride.
8. Rehearsal dinner.
9. Bride's bouquet and going-away flowers, corsages for mothers and grandmothers, and boutonnieres for fathers, grandfathers, and attendants.
10. Lodging for groom's out-of-town attendants.

It has also become common for the groom's family to pay for the liquor at the reception, as well as flowers for the entire wedding party.

Attendants pay for:

1. Wedding attire.
2. Transportation to the wedding location.
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