Wedding Day Sample Checklist

On the Wedding Day

1. Bring maps, wedding programs, guest book, ring pillow, flower girl bask~ unity candle, and favors.

2. Bring an emergency kit filled with items such as needle and thread, safety pins, extra panty hose, clear nail polish, and other toiletries.

3. Bring phone numbers of professionals you've hired including the orig. caterer, and band leader. Also bring contracts in case you need to settle a dispute.

4. Bring your marriage license, rings, and money for clergy (a crisp new bill)

5. Bring going away outfit and accessories.

Wedding Day checklist6. Bring luggage if leaving right away on honeymoon. Also bring airline tickets, hotel confirmation numbers, traveler's checks, and passport.

7. Wear a smile.

After the Honeymoon

1. Select and order wedding photos.

2. If taking husband's name, make necessary changes on documents such as social security card, driver's license, insurance policies, bank and charge accounts, subscriptions, passport, safedeposit box, wills, and voter registration.

3. Send thankyou notes.


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