Wedding Getaway Idea

Here's an idea of a "getaway" that our friends used to escape their "Niagara on the Lake" reception.

How you leave your wedding reception, can be just as exciting as your wedding entrance.

Of course the most traditional "getaway" is the car with the tin cans being pulled in back, and "Just Married" written on your car somewhere.

What do you do after the reception is over? Well, first of all it depends on where you have your reception.

So keep your "Getaway" in mind, when picking your reception location and choosing the time of day for your wedding.

Paul and Valerie's Getaway

Here's Paul and Valerie as they are exiting their Wedding Reception.

They held their wedding at 1 PM. Which gave them lots of time to enjoy their wedding day.

Wedding Reception Exit Ideas

As they leave and have said their goodbyes, Paul has told her that he has a surprise for her.

"Please come with me, he says." And she happily obliges.

As they walk toward the parking lot, instead of continuing straight to the car, Paul makes a turn to the right, and encourages Valerie to come with him. Valerie wonders what he up to. He stops at the top of some stairs. Where are these stairs? They are heading down toward a dock on the river.

Wedding Getaway Ideas

Valerie slips off her wedding shoes and walks barefoot in her wedding gown down the steps. When she steps onto the dock Paul directs her to a little canoe. She looks at him with questions in her eyes! But Paul assures his new wife that, "All is well." Paul helps her to gently step into the canoe.

Wedding Escape Idea

See the end of the canoe? It's full of nice cushy pillows.

And away they go with balloons, and a "Just Married Banner" waving in the air. All the guests were cheering and clapping.

Escape in a  wedding canoe

Where did they canoe to? They paddled a couple of miles downstream to a dock in the center of "Niagara On The Lake."

All the guests and the wedding party got in their cars, and drove to meet them. The newlywed couple then spent the next several hours browsing the little shops, and waving and greeting folks as they were wished well. Cool. Nice little getaway.

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