Choosing the Right Location for a Wedding

Choosing the Right Location

When choosing the location that will host your wedding ceremony, remember to take into consideration the drive time between the wedding location and the reception location, as well as their sizes and amenities.

Make sure they will fit your needs.

While you obviously want a facility that can accommodate the number of guests you want to invite, you will also want to make sure that the space is not overwhelming in comparison to the size of your guest list.

Wedding Location TipsUsing inconspicuous partitions, you can create a more cozy; friendly atmosphere for your intimate celebration. You will also want to inquire about things such as parking, restrooms, coat check, telephones, electrical outlets, heating, air conditioning, insurance, lighting, and any potential plans for renovation.

In addition to discussing fees, deposits, cancellation policies, and availability, secure ample time for set up and tear down. Check to see that the location is handicapped-accessible and make sure there will be a contact person on duty at the facility while you are using it.

Additional questions for wedding ceremony locations

What are the restrictions with regards to decorations, photography, and video? What equipment is available?
Is the church organist available?
Is there a room for the bride and bridesmaids to dress?

Additional questions for reception facility

Can an outside caterer be utilized?
Get the full prices, especially when it comes to fees, taxes, deposits, gratuities, escalation clauses, method of payment, overtime charges, insurance, and cancellation policies. Also get dates and times in writing.

Mark your calendar to remind you of additional payments and phone calls that need to be made.
Make a note to discuss your help's attire and eating arrangements. Final reminder phone calls are always a good idea.

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