The Wedding Photographer's Job

The photographer that you choose for your wedding has an important job. He has to be able to catch all the best pictures from the beginning to the end.

Even though all the arrangements for your wedding day have been made by you and your bridal party, there are several things you need to take into consideration as far as your photographer if you want a picture perfect wedding day.

Most wedding photographers have a list they will give you of different photos that is traditional for weddings, and he will have you check off which photos you would like to have taken. If he doesn't have this list, we would question whether or not he is a professional wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographer's JobAs strange as this sounds, you need to think of your photographer as a director. For instance, if you have made arrangements for him to come to your home and take some "before the wedding" photographs, then he will direct you as to where to stand, how to stand, etc.

He will need your full cooperation to make the most of your wedding day pictures. Plus, he will need the cooperation of the limo driver, the caterer, and whomever is in charge of the reception.

Timing is very important, that's why it is going to seem like your photographer is running around taking pictures all day. He has got to catch that perfect moment! That's his job and that is what he is being paid to do.

If at all possible, delay certain special moments until you have your photographer right there. He should be following you around all day anyway. Some photographers have assistants to help them with equipment too.

We have seen the cost of wedding photographers vary considerably. The photographer bases his charges on how many photos you would like, and the amount of time it is going to take to get these photos, usually charging by the hour.
Also take into consideration how much experience the photographer has.

Don't be shy when it comes to asking to see their portfolio. Remember you will only be viewing the best pictures that came out, even if they took 10 rolls of film.

Note the positions of the couples, the time of day the photos were taken, and whether or not the backgrounds are cluttered unnecessarily, (like a tree growing out of the bride's head.)

Most wedding photographers offer wedding packages and contracts. Some offer wedding albums at an additional cost. There are packages that just offer basic wedding pictures, not including the reception, and there are photographers that will take a photojournalistic view and shoot in sequence everything that happens from beginning to end, and arrange your photos in that order.

Your photographer should have your pictures ready to be viewed by the time you get back from your honeymoon. But most professionals, will try to have your pictures ready BEFORE you leave for your honeymoon, if possible.

Would we recommend you hire a wedding photographer? Yes, we have heard too many sad stories about relatives taking pictures, where none of them came out.

Best of Luck!
Vlad and Carol
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