The Wedding Photo Checklist

The photographer that you choose for your wedding has an important job.

He has to be able to catch all the best pictures from the beginning to the end.

Most wedding photographers have a list they will give you of different photos that is traditional for weddings, and he will have you check off which photos you would like to have taken.

If he doesn't have this list, print this out and check off the pictures you would like to have taken, and give it to your photographer.


At the house:
Wedding Photo ChecklistMother adjusting veil
Bride in dressing room with mirror
Bride pinning flowers on father & mother
Family portraits
Flower girl handing bouquet to bride
Bride leaving house
Father helping Bride into car

Tip : Photograph young children as early in the proceedings as possible (before tears)

At the venue prior to ceremony:
View of venue
Groom & best man shaking hands
Groom, best man and ushers
Bridesmaids - with Brides mother
Brides car arriving
Bride with father & car
Bride with father, car & bridesmaids

During ceremony -- Depending upon Priest's wishes:
Bride & father going down aisle
Shots during ceremony
Exchanging rings
Overall shot
Signing marriage certificate
Signing marriage certificate with
Priest, best man, bridesmaids
Bride & Groom coming down aisle

After the ceremony:
B&G at door - kissing
B&G and families
Children presenting horseshoes
At car

Take bridal party to gardens/beach/car park
Mood shots in gardens
Bride showing ring to bridesmaids
Brides ring hand on bouquet
Fun shots
Individual shots of bridesmaids, best man, etc.
Bridesmaids solo & with their Man
Wedding Insurance : Print & Post

At reception:
Other special request photographs required by Bride
Candid shots
B&G with champagne glasses
Record shot of cake
Cutting cake
Little flower girls cutting cake

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