Wedding Planning Advice and Tips

When do you start planning your wedding?

You start planning your wedding as soon as you announce your engagement.

Is it possible to prepare for a wedding in four months? Yes, it is, but everything will be a bit, "Rush, rush."

Use a Wedding Planner

Buy one or make one yourself to keep track of your ideas as well as your contracts. Include timelines and deadlines and stick to them. There are also computer programs available to ease the record-keeping part of your wedding plans. They can help you track everything from guest lists to thank-you notes.

Establish a File Card System.

To begin with, buy a recipe card holder and ruled note cards to fit inside. For each invitation sent, write out a note card complete with the guest's name, address, and How to Plan a weddingphone number. Include spaces for noting their regret or acceptance of your invitation, as well as the number planning to attend. Also leave room to make notations on gifts received and thanks sent.

Make Checklists

During your planning process, checklists will become essential. If you will be honeymooning immediately after your wedding festivities, remember to leave a postwedding list with a close relative or friend. Include items such as where to store your gifts and who will return the tuxedos.

Determine Your Wedding Style

Nothing will influence your wedding plans more than the time of day that you set for both your ceremony and reception. That time will determine the basic content of your reception as well as appropriate attire.
Generally speaking, the earlier in the day that your reception is held, the lighter the fare that accompanies it.
Any celebration staged after a morning wedding or before 1 PM. is considered a breakfast rather than a reception, even though lunch is often served.

The midday wedding is generally more like a brunch or tea.
A late afternoon reception may serve light hors d'oeuvres and have a string quartet.
A evening reception provides either a sit-down dinner, or buffet and usually a dance.
Cake and champagne are included with most celebrations.
Just Remember - "Inch by inch, it's a cinch, mile by mile it takes awhile." So don't try to do too much at once.

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